Otterly Fun Busy Book
Otterly Fun Busy Book
Otterly Fun Busy Book
Otterly Fun Busy Book
Otterly Fun Busy Book
Otterly Fun Busy Book
Otterly Fun Busy Book
Otterly Fun Busy Book
Otterly Fun Busy Book
Otterly Fun Busy Book
Otterly Fun Busy Book
Otterly Fun Busy Book
Otterly Fun Busy Book

Otterly Fun Busy Book

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Materials: Felt, cotton, accessories

Recommended for ages 3 and above. Adult supervision is required for under 3 due to presence of small parts.

Dimensions: 20 x 20cm


Handmade busy books, also known as quiet books, are perfect for keeping toddlers and preschoolers entertained and engaged for hours of screen-free play through fun, and educational play. Made with soft, durable, non-toxic felt material, our books are designed to provide a sensory experience that promotes learning and creativity. They are also heirloom quality as they are 99% sewn to ensure it passes the toddler pull test.

Our busy books come in a variety of themes, including animals, transportation, numbers, routines, and are filled with interactive activities such as matching games, counting activities, puzzles, and pretend play.Each book is compact and portable, and comes with a linen or cotton bag, making them easy to take on-the-go an perfect for long car rides, waiting rooms, vacations, plane rides, and more. It's soft nature with no hard parts also make them safe for car journeys.

Our books are designed with child development in mind. They help to develop fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, cognitive abilities, and fosters creativitiy, open ended thinking, and imaginative play through thoughtfully designed and colourful activities.

At Hi Buy Mama, we understand that children's safety is of the utmost importance. that's why our busy books are made with non-toxic, eco-friendly materials that are safe for children to play with.

Otterly Fun Busy Book

The busy book comes with 10 pages of activities:

1) Colourful Balloons
Help Panda match the balloons to the correct colour as he floats in the sky! 
2) Animal Fun
The deer, raccoon, skunk, fox, and squirrel want to come out to play! Play with these finger puppets while you journey through the book. Bring them to the garden, to the campsite, or to the ocean! 
3) Counting in the Garden
Can you count the number of vegetables and fruits in the garden? Keep them in the correct section of the garden according to the numbers!
4) Cooking Pot
Would you like to cook some vegetables? Feel free to add more ingredients from the garden or other pages! 
5) Camping under the Stars
Lets go camping! We have some fishes from a fishing trip so feel free to cook them at the campfire! Would you like to build the tree on your own, and bring the animals for a camping trip too? 
6) Brushing Hippo's Teeth 
Hippo just woke up. Can you help hippo brush his teeth before breakfast? You can feed him anything you cooked for breakfast. 
7) Rainbow
What's the weather like today? Did it rain? Looks like the sun is up and the rainbow is out! What a beautiful day. Can you bring the ladybugs out to play on the rainbow and put them on the section of the rainbow that has the same colour as them? 
8) Colourful Ladybugs
There are so many colourful ladybugs and they have different numbers of black spots on them. Can you match them according to the number of spots? 
9) Fishing in the Ocean
The ocean is full of wondrous animals. Play with the fishing rod to fish sharks, octopus, and seahorse. 
10) Expressions
Is Mister happy today, or is he sad? What expression should he have today?
1) If the busy book is only slightly dirty, you may clean with a lint roller. Do be gentle! 
2) You may also wipe with a slightly moist cloth soaked in mild detergent or mild liquid hand wash and water of approximately 30c. Do not rub the book. 
3) For deeper cleaning, lightly press book in warm (30c) soapy water (or mild detergent), releasing bubbles. Rinse thoroughly. Do not leave any soap behind. Lightly press on the book to release water, and lightly press the pages/book between 2 towels to drain water. Do not wring the book. Lay on a rack in a well ventilated spot (no direct sunlight) to air dry for at least 12 hours or until completely dry. 
NOTE: Do not machine wash, dry clean, soak, rub, squeeze or wring the book and pages, or dry in heat or direct sunlight. Ensure the sink where you wash and the area where you dry is clean so your books won't pick up new stains. When in doubt, it is recommended to use gentler methods to clean the book (i.e. use a lint roller or with a damp cloth). 

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Axel Seo
GREAT for Little Ones

This is a beautifully & thoughtfully made busy book! There is so much for little ones to explore and play with within the pages for hours and hours of imaginative fun!

Each page is intricately designed and is so attractive visually. Little fingers will also be busy exploring the different features like zippers, lift the flaps, colour and number matching, magnetic fishing … and more!

I’ll be honest - mama had much fun too :)

Thank you Hi Buy Mama for your fun & quality busy books.

Dione Yeow
Great quality

Bought it in advance for my baby, looked super fun & interesting even for an adult. Quality of the book is super good as well 👏🏻

Regina Chin
Helps to keep my little one busy

The book is interesting and keeps my little one entertained.

Hi Regina. Thanks for taking the time to review. We are happy tonhear that it keeps your child entertained. We hope your child continues to have lots of fun with it!

Keeping my LO very busy & happy! 😍😍

Purchased this super cute and fun otterly fun busy book! My LO 👧🏻 can’t take her hands off it, played with it everyday! 🥰😘 So impressed that it’s 99% hand sewn, big effort and kudos to hi buy mama!! 👏🏻 👍🏻 *Super good workmanship*